Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing with paint

Well I spent the day painting the new porcelain heads that I have made and adding to the older ones. I am a true believer in trying everything, meaning color combos. I believe that to truely learn you cannot be afraid to ruin your work, to push the envelope. I've been using black eyeliner and lashes, deep red lip color all in an effort to see what works and does not for my purposes. I now think I will go more subtle, browns, pastels just to experience it. I have been experimenting with bisque tone china paint no.2 and no.7. They are the colors used to blush the face and body. No.2 is (peaches and cream) and no.7 is (raspberry). I have set up little tiles with numbers and have a list on paper of which no. tiles are what color. There are also different mediums to use whether you are going to use the color for blush (area medium) or for eye liner (line and ultra line medium). That's it for today!

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