Tuesday, July 8, 2014

      Having A Look

  I love having a look at everyone's work, it always gives me ideas for my own. Many times I see work in which I think "I sure wish I had thought of that style or character first!"But I know all I can do is work on my own ever evolving style and characters.
 There are also times in which I have to stay away and shield myself from looking too much, there are so many talented people and I can get discouraged always comparing myself to them. We can only be as good as the amount of work we put in. No one plays the piano very well the first time they sit down to it! And so it takes making plenty of ho-hum dolls to learn to make the really good ones.

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I have studied painting and sculpture and still enjoy doing both though sculpting seems to have the dominant spot in my life right now. I have won Doll magazine's "Award of excellence" two years in a row 2013-2014, in the artist ball jointed doll category. I have also won "best of show" this past year at the Orlando Museum of Art.