Sunday, June 10, 2012

Making Angel wings for a ball jointed doll

                                            First get 4 very strong magnets at a craft store.
                                  Place 2 inside and a corresponding magnet on the outside to hold in place.
                                           Get a 2 part epoxy putty and mix them together.
                             Smash the putty up against the inside magnets gently, let dry.
                       Place paper clay on the outside magnets and shape. Make little holes in them.
           When the paper clay is dry put 3 wires in the holes and glue with hot glue.
              I make a lot of holes because you never know quite where you want to put the
               the wires till the last minute.
                                     Glue a light airy material onto the wires with hot glue.
                                Then one by one put a dot of hot glue and then add a feather on the
                                               Like so!


  1. wow, very interesting, love seeing new ways to make wings

  2. Thanks. The first person who bought from me on etsy asked to have holes drilled in the doll's back for wings. After that I thought why not magnets? that way no drilling :)



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