Friday, April 1, 2011

Well I can't sleep! Got this darn dead beat Dad situation going on and money is getting tight. I had great hopes of getting a doll on ebay this week but the doll still needs more work. I don't really mind working more on her, in fact I enjoy it, but I hate to feel this pressure on myself to hurry up and get a product done to sell! Pressure can at times help me get things done but not in this type of situation because I need to take my time in figuring out the next steps and do them right. I don't like to rush. Oh well, life rarely follows my script anyway ha ha! I think I will spend today cleaning up my art room and clear my thinking, then on Sunday start doing some adjustments to the doll and order springs purhaps.


  1. Golly, there is someone out there! Ha ha, I'm glad you like her face!



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I have studied painting and sculpture and still enjoy doing both though sculpting seems to have the dominant spot in my life right now. I have won Doll magazine's "Award of excellence" two years in a row 2013-2014, in the artist ball jointed doll category. I have also won "best of show" this past year at the Orlando Museum of Art.